Heat pump technology
Heat pump technology delivers the most efficient energy usage compared with condenser or vented tumble dryer. With an A+ energy rating, you'll save over 45% compared to a B rated tumble dryer.


Ariston tumble dryers include technology and features, such as anti-tangle, anti-aging and variable heat settings and special programmes for different types of clothes to ensure a thorough drying process without harming the fabrics. You will find a range of dryer types such as condenser dryers, heat pump dryers, and air-vented dryers. You also have the choice of either a front loading dryer or top loading too. Browse our catalogue and read the online reviews. You can either search the closest store from which to purchase your Ariston dryer or buy online directly through our website.

Drying Type
Drying Capacity (Kg)
Energy Rating (Dry)
Colour (dry)
Spin Speed (washing dryer)
23,990,000 ₫
  • Inverter motor
  • Drum volume: 120 litters
  • Easy cleaning filter
  • Blue Woolmark certification (*)
  • Anti-Allergy (**)
  • Crease care option & Pre-ironing cycle
  • ActiveCare Technology reduces by up to 40% the fabric wear out.
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